At our hotel breakfast is included in the cost of the room.

At Exeter House everything is imbued with the spirit of twinning relationship between Russia and England including … breakfasts! We are happy to offer to our guests one of our types of breakfasts for choice: English breakfast or Russian breakfast.


English breakfast

Russian breakfast

Somerset Moem said once that “you won’t get hungry in England if you have breakfast three times a day”.
Irzhi Groshek about Russian breakfast: “Rusian breakfast cannot be defined. It’s always different depending on the variety of products, weather outside and people who are having breakfast”

  • Fried eggs (2 eggs)
  • Sausage
  • Tomatoes
  • Crispy toasts
  • Lemon curd, Marmite
  • Butter
  • Black tea
  • Juice (orange, multifruit*)
  • Pancakes (2 pcs.) (with meat, with cottage cheese*)
  • Sour cream
  • Bead crisps
  • Jam (bilberry, apricot*)
  • Butter
  • Black tea
  • Juice (orange, multifruit*)

* for choice.

Optionally you can order lunch or dinner from neighbourhood restaurant to your room. The nearest café is a two-minute walk from the hotel.